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My Kingdom for the Princess

With its amazing gameplay that combines time management, strategy and simulation loved by many, along with new characters, and an entertaining plot, this game is guaranteed to excite even the most seasoned players. 

Prince Arthur has just married Princess Fiona. There has never been a more beautiful wedding in the kingdom! However, he inherited the poorest, decrepit, lands in the distant, far reaches of the kingdom. In order to become lawful heirs of all the lands, they're faced with a difficult ordeal - to restore to the neglected areas their former beauty and prosperity! 

Turning the rundown, neglected lands into blossoming territories isn't an easy task. Repair the broken down roads, free the forest from the villains' invasion, lead the bees out of the islands and the snakes out of the desert. Your faithful workers will help you restore order: optimize their work process and distribute your resources so that you can finish on time! Use the different bonuses that will help you complete the levels faster: additional workers as well as handy power-ups that make your workers run faster, work quicker, gather extra resources, and many more. 

Key features: 

- a unique combination of genres: strategy, time management, and simulation; 
- stunning graphics; 
- ability to use different strategies; 
- special workers - snake whisperer, hunter, soldier.

Get it for PC

Free download
System requirements:
Processor speed: 1,5 Ghz  
RAM: 1 Gb
Hard drive space: 400 MB
Video card: 512 MB
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