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Everyday we get a great number of letters, calls and offers. We appreciate your interest and understand the importance of answering your questions ASAP.

Before contacting our support specialists, please make sure that the answer to your question is not mentioned in the FAQ section. If not, please read the instructions on how to write a support ticket:

  1. Make sure that the issue is still present,
  2. Make sure that the issue is not gameplay-related and has nothing to do with the difficulty of completing a particular episode in a game,
  3. Proceed to the ticket system in the Ask a Question section,
  4. Describe the issue in full detail. Like if you were describing it to a friend who has spent the last 10 years sleeping and has no idea what are you talking about,
  5. Attach a screenshot to the ticket if necessary,
  6. Fill in the email field because the answer to your question will be sent there,
  7. Push Send and wait for the answer! As a rule we answer within 24 hours, except the rare occasions when we need more time to find the solution,
  8. Please be patient and do not send the same request several times.

Yours sincerely,

Qumaron Technical Support Team