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FAQ Divine Academy

1. How do I earn gold?

There are several ways you can earn gold in the game. The main method is, of course, collecting it from the houses. The higher the level of the house, the more gold it brings. Another way to obtain gold is to collect it from defeated enemies, such as, ghosts, for example.

2. How do I get food?

You can collect food from buildings, such as the Divine Garden, or get it in exchange for gold in the Vegetable Garden, the Windmill or the Farm.

3. What is a quest and how do I complete it?

A quest is a special task that you can find on the left side of the screen. When you complete a quest, you receive experience points, in-game currency and various additional awards. Completing a quest is an integral part of the gameplay. 

4. How can I upgrade a building?

To upgrade a building, you must first save resources required for an upgrade and then click the "Upgrade" button located in a special window that pops up while you click on the building. Improving building takes time. 

5. How can I upgrade a magistrate?

To upgrade a magistrate, you must complete several tasks: First, you must complete special storyline tasks, then you can increase the level of happiness in the game up to the value specified in the Magistrate Upgrade Window, accumulate enough resources, and build the necessary number of storages.

6. How do I move a building?

If you click on a building and hold for a few seconds, it can then be moved to any available space. Please note that not all the buildings it can be moved. 

7. Can I place a building in storage and free up some space on the map?

If you click on a building and hold for a few seconds, you will enter a special mode. You will see two additional buttons appear at the bottom of the screen: Sell and Store. By clicking on the Store button, you will move the building to a special in-game storage. To place the building back on the map, simply click the Store button, which is located on the bottom of the game panel.

8. Can I sell a building that was already constructed?

Yes, you can sell a finished building, but please note that you will get much fewer resources that you have spend on purchase.

9. Will I lose happiness points if I sell decor?

Yes, if you sell decor, you will loose the happiness points.

10. What is the level of happiness used for in the game?

Happiness points indicate how much you truly care about the residents of the settlement. You can earn them when you buy decor in the store. The level of happiness is also need to be upgraded the Magistrate.

11. Why do I need mana?

You need mana to use spells in the game. You can collect mana on the map or order it in special buildings, such as the Altar or the Temple.

12. How can I increase my maximum mana?

When you increase the level of happiness, you also increase your maximum mana. You can also increase your maximum mana, when you study the Wisdom of the Gods, Knowledge of the Gods and other sciences.

13. How are obelisks used in the game?

Players are using obelisks to get temporary upgrades. For example, by activating the Gold Obelisk, you can increase the amount of gold received from houses. To activate an obelisk, you must collect three stones of a specific color. You can find stones amongst the ruins. 

14. How do I speed up construction\upgrading of a building?

You can use a special Acceleration Spell to speed up construction time. If you want to complete the construction immediately, you can utilize the magic crystals.

15. How do I chase an enemy away (Ghost, Cyclops, etc.)?

You can easily chase enemies away by tapping on them and using the pop-up spell.

16. How do I remove a fire or an earthquake?

To remove a fire, just tap on it and use the pop-up spell.

17. How do I earn Crystals in the game?

The easiest way to earn crystals is to complete quests. You will receive a few crystals for each completed quest. You can also find crystals in special chests, scattered all over the map. You can exchange some collections for crystals. And, of course, you can always buy the required number of crystals in the resource store.

18. How do I add a friend to the game?

To add a friend, you will need to log into your Facebook account. On the friend panel located at the very bottom, press the "Invite a friend" button, select the friend you wish to invite in the pop-up window and press the "Invite" button.

19. How do I get more residents?

The more houses you build, the more residents you will have. You will receive 1 resident for each house.  You can also buy an additional worker by taking advantage of our special offer.

20. Can I play the game simultaneously on different devices?

In order to play the game on multiple devices, you will need to log on each device under your Facebook account. Please note: when playing on the second device and logging in to your Facebook account, you must specify in the pop-up window that you wish to download your progress from the first device.


21. If I delete the game, will I lose my progress?

If you play without connecting to Facebook, then all your progress, including the purchased resources, will be lost. If you connect to the Facebook your deleted game will be restored.

22. How do I connect my Facebook account?

In order to connect to your Facebook account, you will need to go into the settings and press the social network icon.

23. Can I connect other social networks?

So far you can only connect to Facebook. In future you may be able to connect to other social groups. You can only connect to facebook so far..

24. How are spells used in the game?

Spells are an integral part of the gameplay. What kind of God would you be if you couldn’t hurl lightning and create forests! The more often you use spells, the faster you will be able to move through the game storyline and discover new secrets of the Divine Academy.

25. How do I unlock a new territory?

Each God will give you a task to unlock a new territory as a sign of recognition of your success. Complete special quests and collect special artifacts required to unlock a territory.

How do I get the “New world” quest, which is necessary for opening a new territory?

The quest “New World” is the final quest in the sequence of quests on the previously unlocked territory. Complete all current quests and you will get the “New World” quest.

26. What do I need collections for?

You need collections to complete the storyline. Gathering them is a very pleasant experience, since for each collection you will receive a nice reward.

27. I keep getting the "Server error code 1" message. What do I do?

You need to check your Internet connection.

28. I keep getting the "Server error code 2" message. What do I do?

If you keep getting this message while playing the game, we would be very grateful if you let us know about it and we will do our best to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

29. How do I buy crystals?

To buy the crystals, you will need to go to the resource store. To do so, press the "+" on the top resource bar, and select the required amount in the pop-up window. Then follow the Apple instructions. If you didn't receive the crystals after completing the purchase, please refer to http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2727

30. Why do I need to explore the ruins?

You can find the unique artifacts in the ruins which are necessary to complete storyline quests, along with science points, as well as stones for the activation of the obelisks and collection elements.

31. How do I earn science points?

The easiest way to earn science points is to exchange resources in special buildings, such as School and University. You can also receive them as a reward for completing quests and exploring ruins, as well as in exchange for collections.